Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about FlyMilitary and answer any questions you may have.

Subscription Related Questions

FlyMilitary has a 30 day free trial and after that it's less than $1 per month! You will need to enter your payment information when you subscribe but you will not be charged until after the free trial has past. Then you will be charged $11.99 annually until you cancel your subscription.
No problem. You can manage your account by logging into the web portal and cancelling the automatic renewal payment. There is a 1 month free trial period so if you decide not to continue within the first month you will not be charged. If you cancel your subscription payment beyond the free trial period your account will be deactivated when your next annual subscription payment is due. Alternatively, you can request that it be deactivated or deleted manually at any time. If your account is deactivated you can still log into the website portal and have limited account access to renew within 1 year without losing your data. However, if your account is deleted you will lose all your data immediately and it is not recoverable. Refunds will not be granted once past the free trial period.
No. FlyMilitary does not share your personal data with anyone. Payment information is routed to our payment gateway processor (PayPal) through a secure API token when you subscribe. However, PayPal only manages the payments and does not have access to your pay periods or other data logged into the app.
FlyMilitary uses the latest security features to keep your stored data safe. FlyMilitary stores your registration information on our secure servers along with all of the data you have entered into the app. Payment information is processed by a third party (PayPal Gateway Processing) and is not stored on our servers. It is important to make your login password secure to prevent unauthorized access into your account.
No. Flymilitary does not sell your data nor do we spam you with sales emails. We may send you an occasional email relating to updates or functionality changes.
No. FlyMilitary values your privacy and does not sell ad space or your personal data to anyone. Because of this, to help pay for app and server maintenance and support, we must charge a small annual subscription fee.

App Functionality Questions

FlyMilitary stores all data on secure servers where you can access your account from anywhere. That means you can install the mobile app on any device and always have access to your data! That being said Flymilitary requires a data connection in order to function properly. No user data except encrypted login information is stored on the local device.
Yes. Logbook reporting and editing is performed in the back-end of your FlyMilitary account so you must log into the website using your login credentials to access all the features of the Pilot Logbook. Once there you can export your entire logbook or only specific flights based on selected filters to a CSV file. This file is configured by default for LogTen but you can easily modify the field names to align with your logbook of choice.
Yes. When configuring the app for the first time you will have the option to enable the calendar synchronization, which will require you to link the app to your Google Calendar account. You can also link them at any time in the app settings. This feature will log your pay periods and flights in your Google Calendar for easy future reference.
FlyMilitary calculates reduced retirement days that were performed in 90 day blocks within a two FY period. Because of this you should not enter orders into the app that are older than Oct 1 of the previous FY. For example, if you enter an active order that qualifies for reduced retirement in FY18 the app will accurately calculate reduced retirement going back to Oct 1, 2017. If the order was accomplished in FY16 the app logic cannot count those days. To accurately reflect historical totals, you should have MPF total up all of your prior qualifying days and add that number (in days) into the app under the reduced retirement initial settings window (This initial config number should be a multiple of 9 since these days are counted in 90 day blocks). Moving forward the app will accurately calculate your reduced retirement based on orders that are entered under the "Log Active Day" page. Note that you must also remember to turn on the reduced retirement toggle when logging your active orders that qualify.
The FlyMilitary.com flight history report is meant to look exactly like what the HARM/SARM will present you during you annual records review. In order for this report to be accurate you must log your flight time in the FlyMilitary app, which would include logging your initial flight time. The mobile app has a Flight Time Settings form within the application settings page that will allow you to bulk enter all your military time directly off of a flying history report that is generated by your HARM/SARM. Simply enter the data line for line into the Flight Time Settings form, including the First Date Flown and Last Date Flown. Note that these entries should be broken down by aircraft and crew position, just as your HARM/SARM issued flying history report does. In the event that you make multiple bulk entries for a specific aircraft and crew position you should still enter the First Date Flown and Last Date Flown straight from your report but the FlyMilitary generated report will automatically determine your actual first date and last date flown. Single flight entries should be logged from the Log Flight Time form and not the app settings form. See the help section within the applicable screen of the mobile app for more information.